How to Tutor Online via Skype

Below is a free booklet preview. No cost, no commitment. If you like the first few pages of the booklet, you can proceed to purchasing the full booklet below. The full booklet will share how to tutor online, how to become a tutor, and how to move your current private tutoring business online.

Are you a tutor? Would you like to make your tutoring business more efficient? How about eliminating the need to trek to libraries, coffee shops, or students’ homes?

My name is Devin and I have tutored for over 14 years and tutored online via Skype for over 4 years. I have tutored students all across the country, including many international students. My day job is Director of Online Learning at a local college, which means I train faculty every day on how to teach in the online environment. As a side job that I’ve had for many years, I tutor online a few times a week in my upstairs office through my site Tutoring online has been a huge blessing for my family, allowing me to tutor a few students a week in my upstairs office after my kids go to bed. In fact, my online tutoring business has grown to the point where I no longer have to travel to tutor face to face. The time I’ve saved not driving to public libraries has also allowed me to keep my costs reasonable for students.

Here is a video I share with potential students, which will give you an idea of what tutoring online looks like…

Tutors, teachers, and professors often find my tutoring site and email me about how to privately tutor students online with excellence. I can share with you the same technology and pedagogy I use every week to successfully tutor online via a few different avenues listed below. Select the one that best fits your needs, and best of luck with your business endeavor!

Booklet .pdf [$25] – Everything you need to know to get up and running as an online tutor, including: necessary equipment (with direct links to purchase), necessary software (with links to download), how to set up a website, how to set up a session, how to run a session, and how to bill students after the session. Once you submit the payment, you will be sent an email where you can download the 27 page booklet.

**If you do not receive your booklet via email immediately after purchase, please check your spam folder. If it is not in your spam folder, contact us and we’ll send your copy manually.


Personal one hour consultation (.pdf booklet included) [$75] – Meet with me one-on-one to address any questions you may have about tutoring online. We can walk through a sample session live, explore the equipment/software necessary for tutoring, or anything else that will help you get on your feet. (If you’d like to purchase the booklet first and decide to get a consultation afterwards, it will only cost the remaining $50. I can send that invoice separately.)


Tutor Advertising [$0/year] – Get your contact information or website posted on one of my other websites, for no charge. There are many disciplines I do not offer tutoring (biology, physics, chemistry, english, history, music, etc.). So, here is your chance to get traffic to your site via this site. Even if you also tutor math, that is fine.  Please visit for details.

Build Your Website [$200] – Don’t feel comfortable creating a website like this to promote your services? I’ll build you a website similar to this one with your tutoring information. Upon completion, I’ll turn the keys to the site over to you for ongoing simple maintenance. Contact me to discuss this option. [Example 1]

Questions about any of the options above? Email me at, or use our contact form.